Project Management

Y&V has proven its ability to successfully develop and manage industrial projects of different kind and scope in diverse parts of the world for many years.

In most of its projects Y&V usually acts as general contractor and as single point of contact with the client, while tackling the overall responsibility for the successful realization of the client’s project plans. Y&V relies upon experienced project experts to cover all aspects of project management, ranging from the early development and conceptualization phase, through engineering, procurement, and construction and up to the final completion of projects.  

As a general contractor with ample project management proficiency, Y&V manages the activities of all contractors or subcontractors involved, and integrates tailor made processes and systems for the overall project success. This is supported by a comprehensive risk management system, enabling Y&V to constantly deliver maximum results as far as quality, time and budget is concerned, and to constantly achieve optimal results in complex projects.

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