In the field of oil production, Y&V executes projects based on the highest quality and safety standards, designing, building or revamping central processing facilities or main stations, clusters, production gathering systems, flow stations, valve stations, oil treatment (dehydration, desalting and stabilization), oil transportation and storage, pumping, oilfield power generation and distribution, and oil secondary recovery.

Y&V provides solutions for heavy oil upgrading and refining, with the purpose of increasing equipment and process efficiency focused on the use of less-pollutant technologies, one of today’s greater challenges for oil companies.

  • Process units: atmospheric distillation units, vacuum distillation units, hydrotreating units, burning systems, alkylation, catalytic cracking, delayed coker unit, gas and liquid fractionation.  
  • Auxiliary units: amine regeneration units, sour water treatment units, hydrogen recovery units, sulfur recovery units.
  • Utilities and offsites: power generation and distribution facilities, wastewater treatment plants, nitrogen system, fuel gas system, plant and instrument air system, storage facilities, water cooling systems, steam and condensate generation units.
Y&V specializes in developing projects focused on producing and treating natural gas, covering different processes such as dehydration, gas liquid extraction plants, sweetening, separation, compression, valve stations, transportation and storage, liquefied natural gas facilities and regasification.
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