The Y&V Group places a strong emphasis on stakeholder relations. Y&V is engaged in a continuous and open dialogue with all stakeholder groups during the development and execution of its projects, in order to understand their interests, concerns and expectations, ensuring maximization of long-term benefits of all parties involved by creating win-win situations.

One of the main concerns of Y&V is managing projects in a profitable manner, with profitable growth in mind, in order to meet the expectations of its commercial partners. Sharing profits with employees and partners, delivering cost efficient tailor made solutions to customers, providing business opportunities to sub-contractors, and maintaining close relations with local communities, organizations and authorities actively form part of the daily priorities of the Y&V Group and its endeavor to achieve full stakeholder satisfaction.

As a general contractor, in the course of working in different environments, Y&V becomes part of many local economies. The sustainable development and the creation of values for these communities plays an important role in the way Y&V approaches and executes its projects. Great emphasis is placed on improving the living conditions of local populations and creating new jobs and business opportunities locally, maximizing the value added by subcontracting local suppliers, hiring local workforce for on-site operations and systematically transferring know-how and skills to local companies and partners.


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