Social commitment

Y&V believes that entrepreneurship and social responsibility go together, and the social dimension of the company has been, and will always be, a strategic priority for Y&V wherever we conduct business.

The social commitment and involvement of Y&V has a wide range of action, including employee donations, corporate volunteering and the activities of the Y&V Fundation, which are all aimed at the positive development of the communities that the Y&V Group forms part of.

Y&V encourages its employees to become socially active, so that they have the opportunity to participate in different social initiatives together with their families. Many of Y&V´s employees support numerous organizations in their respective countries, giving monetary donations, contributions in kind, and with personal involvement. In this regard, Y&V and its employees focus especially on supporting organizations that work with children who come from low income families and who are exposed to social inequalities. Y&V tries to reduce these inequalities by granting these children access to proper school material and organizing extensive sport programs, cultural projects or other recreational events at special dates or holiday commemorations.

In view of the extensive positive feedback Y&V and its employees received from the local communities in the wake of these social activities, in 2005 we decided to bring the social solidarity to an institutionalized level and create the Y&V Foundation. This foundation is controlled by a dedicated Board of Directors, managed by our corporate social responsibility department and financed by a significant retention of the Y&V Group´s annual profits. It is aimed at providing equal opportunities for education, overcoming social exclusion, and improving the general quality of life of children and teenagers in need. In this quest, the Y&V Foundation closely cooperates with dedicated non-profit organizations like “Fe y Algeria” and “Asociación Damas Salesianas,” among others .

As a result of the comprehensive work of the Y&V Foundation, many young people have received a fair chance to develop in a promising direction. Currently there are close to 400 pupils with limited economic resources who received grants and educational support. This allowed many of them to enroll in technical study programs of leading Venezuelan universities related to the business activities of Y&V. As of today, more than 3.100 young persons and families have received significant social support for education and home improvement since the creation of the foundation.


The Y&V is a leading general contractor with offices in Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Venezuela and Europe. 

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