As a leading general contractor, Y&V is totally committed to delivering engineering, procurement and construction excellence without compromising its standards. The quality of services and technical solutions are the basis of Y&V´s existence. Accordingly, all corporate and site managers receive training in the importance of quality and customer oriented behavior throughout their employment with us.  

To keep its high quality promise towards its customers, Y&V has a comprehensive quality management system in place that is independently certified and based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008. This quality management system is complemented by various additional international norms, standards and proven best practice procedures in connection to the development, execution and administration of medium to large-scale EPC projects. 

Y&V regularly presents its quality management system to internal and external reviews, which support its quest for continuous improvement of processes and enables Y&V to constantly act as a reliable partner to its customers in connection to the realization of their project plans

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