Health and Safety

Health protection and work safety are of utmost importance to Y&V, considered a prerequisite to provide employees, business partners and visitors with a quality environment. Y&V’s constant aim is to reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, applying comprehensive and efficient health and safety management systems in compliance with the international standards of OHSAS 18001 and guidelines of ISO 14001. 

Experienced professionals lead the health and safety department of Y&V. These men and women are active both on the corporate level and in the field in every stage of our projects. In order to guarantee a safe work environment, our employees receive specialized training courses on a regular basis, ensuring a sharper awareness for potential risks and keeping the up to date with health and safety policies, including comprehensive first-aid, and breathing and fire safety training, specially important to Y&V as EPC contractor.  

Y&V prepares health and safety programs tailored to the specific needs of the personnel for each new project being pursued, while ensuring that Y&V´s high internal standards and existing local requirements are always applied. 

Y&V cooperates on an ongoing basis with competent regulatory authorities on health and safety issues and independent experts constantly review our safety management system.

On a regular basis, Y&V evaluates its approach to health and safety management considering its peers in the EPC contracting industry. As a result, the health and safety standards of Y&V always equal - and in many cases even exceed - the laws and regulatory requirements of each of the countries the company operates in.

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