The success of Y&V is fundamentally in its employees and their diverse educational backgrounds, international experience, problem-solving attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile. Y&V fosters the personal and professional development of its employees by exposing them to new challenges and encouraging them to continuously expand their level of expertise. Based upon talent, knowledge, leadership skills and performance, all employees are given fair and equal opportunities to grow within the Y&V organization.

At Y&V, all employees are part of a modern work environment and a performance based corporate culture that believes in open cooperation and trust among coworkers, independently of hierarchy or cultural backgrounds. Respect for human rights, appreciation of labor rights and an ethical treatment of all employees are an integral part of Y&V’s self-understanding as employer. Y&V guarantees the well being of its employees providing them with hygienic, healthy and ergonomic work conditions in accordance with the nature of their functions within our organization.

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