Fair compensation & Benefits

Performance evaluation, benefits and compensation


 The Y&V Group rewards knowledge, results and commitment with competitive compensation packages and exciting opportunities for career growth. The salaries at Y&V are attractive, and often include a fixed and a variable portion, which allows employees to directly participate in the success of the company. In addition to this, Y&V offers employees comprehensive health and life insurance schemes, medical coverage support and, in selected cases, subsidized long term saving plans as well as educational benefits to family members.

As an EPC contractor, Y&V is in the people business. The pillars of Y&V´s successful long-term growth are the know-how and competence of our employees. That is why Y&V gives such importance to continuous learning and throughout their careers, offers employees regular opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills

The basis for individual employee development and training at Y&V is a structured appraisal process of each employee, usually once a year. As part of this, supervisors meet confidentially with employees and reflect the performance of the past year, view the current daily routine and identify future tasks, while agreeing on common objectives for the next year. In many cases, this interaction between employee and supervisor can also serve to determine development potentials and to agree on a tailor made training plan to equip and prepare Y&V employees for future technical, commercial and leadership challenges.

Apart from comprehensive internal training programs, Y&V closely cooperates with external educational partners and frequently offers selected employees the opportunity to participate in advanced management programs in leading business schools in the USA and Venezuela.

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